Hi, my name is Alex Litvin (Oleksii Lytvyn),
I'm Software developer and lead of production in Reality Outreach Ministries Ukraine.

Interested in professional concert and television production technologies, equipment and management, Photography and Video production.$ man skills
Web development using HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript (typescript, jQuery, VUE).
Web service development ASP .NET Core (C#, Entity Framework, Azure)
Desktop application using Python and Qt

Network systems for Audio/Video production (Art-Net, OSC, DMX, Dante).
Analog and Digital audio gear (Soundcraft, Behringer/Midas, DBX, Lexicon)
Lighting fixtures and protocols (DMX, sACN, Art-Net)

Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Reaper, Ableton Live, TouchDesigner, OBS, Resolume, Obsidian Onyx$ man dev - Grail is programmable and configurable lyric software. It lets you display songs, bible verses and media, search fast and communicate with other OSC enabled software.

Grail Kit - GrailKit is a library for creative and experimental coding. This library used for development of Grail application. This library includes handling of Project, CueList's, Cue and reading/writing to *.grail files. Reading and writing to grail bible format. Implements MIDI, OSC, DMX protocols.$ man contacts
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